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Hey everyone, my name is Adam Ingle.

I used to call myself an artist; I loved the escape and joy a pencil would bring me. But unfortunately, like most artists, I realised that making a living from my art was an unlikely scenario given my circumstances. So, going to college and getting a job as a graphic designer seemed to be the obvious choice, as it allowed me to stay somewhat connected to my craft.

Fast forward to now. I've worked in the design industry as a graphic designer for several years. I have had the chance to explore and develop my motion design, web design, photography, and 3D skills and gain experience working for some huge brands. It's been mostly positive, but as I've gotten older, I've realised what my genuine passions are. I've also learned that the freedom and creative fulfilment I want can only be attained by working for myself. Regrettably, I lacked the abilities, information, or comprehension as a teenager to convert my love of art into a full-time job.

That's why this year (January 2023), I've decided to give myself a second chance to pursue a career in art and work towards becoming a full-time creative. To make a living on my own terms and have the creative freedom to create what and when I want.

Making money as an artist can be challenging and one of the most significant barriers and reasons many artists stop pursuing a career in art (myself included). I'm determined to share my learnings as I work towards this goal. Through my experience, I aim to inspire and educate others with a passion for art to pursue their dreams and help them navigate the challenges of being an artist. If you're anything like me, you probably look up to a lot of artists and creatives and ask yourself one of the following questions:

  1. "How do I do what they do?"
  2. "How did they get there? And how do I get there too?"

It takes work to earn money from your passions. Unfortunately, there's no real roadmap or blueprint to follow, so I've decided to use my website and time to create content that will help others asking themselves the same questions as I am - how do I make a living doing what I love?

I'm no expert (yet); I'm just a guy trying to enjoy the process of this challenge while improving myself and my art every day! Suppose this sounds interesting to you, or you're an artist or creative looking for answers to any of the above mentioned questions. In that case, there are a couple of ways I aim to help:

  1. I've created my Newsletter, creative angle, where I share weekly advice, what I'm working on, and resources that will help my subscribers on their journey.
  2. I've begun writing a blog to provide more in-depth information on specific topics. I use my blog to learn about a subject, reflect on it, and explain it; this process is a great way to help me absorb the information I'm writing about.
  3. I'm building a YouTube channel to develop my skills in editing and cinematography. It's also a great way to share my art in a new format rather than a static post.

If you're interested in Photoshop, Zbrush, Cinema 4D, motion design, pop culture, anime or gaming! I'm sure there will be something you'd like over on my digital art portfolio and Instagram account!! If you want to check out some of my design work, you can view my projects in my portfolio to see some of my previous client work.

Design Experience

Design Manager
Lead Motion Designer
Senior Motion Designer
Middle-Weight Designer
Junior Designer
In-House Designer


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Client Testimonials

Conor Meany
Basketball Ireland

We really enjoyed working with Adam on the Basketball Ireland rebrand. He had a vision for what our brand identity was capable of being and was able to clearly articulate that vision to people throughout our organisation. When we actually moved to implementation, Adam’s guidance was invaluable both in terms of best practice but also in ensuring the correct implementation of the new identity. The reaction we have received has been phenomenal and we’re really grateful for all that Adam has done for us.

Tony McGaharan
People Playbook

Adam accepts criticism cheerfully, and uses criticism productively to develop own abilities and skills. Adam has outstanding artistic or craft skills, bringing creativity and originality to the task.

Barry Drumm
BD Celebrant

Adam was extremely professional and helpful throughout my dealings with him. All his work is of the highest standard and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get some creative design work and branding done. I will definitely be using Adams services again in the future.

Digital Work

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